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The leading domestic company of LCD glass substrate etching, proposes new possibilities.
TGV, Floating Display(Arc 3D), Cu Plating on Glass, 55inch Curved Display
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TGV proccessed by large substrate with high via aspect ratio
World Premiere
Process size up to 730 x 920mm makes high efficency production possible.

Aspect ratio of 10:1 (via diameter : thickness) can be achieved by directional etching technology.

Via shapes can be proccesed into "Straight", "Hourglass-like" and "Cone" shapes.

100% chemical process produces high strength & micro crack free TGV.

Our ultra slim glass technology can be conbined to produce ultra slim TGV.

Direct Cu Plating on TGV/Glass
NEW World Premiere
Direct Cu plating process without pre-roughing process.

Any type of glass can be plated (Alkaline Glass, Non-alkaline glass, Quartz Glass etc.)

Through Via fill Cu Plating can be performed in Through Via of 50um dia.

Conformal Cu Plating can be performed on Through Via of down to 20um dia.

Floating Display (Arc 3D), contactless touch concept
NEW World Premiere
No display device is used, thus compact set-up.

"Air Touch", a touch panel without physical touch.

Viewing angle up to 120 degrees.

Clear glass plate, no design spoils.

Flexible design variations.

Clear glass plate, no design spoils.

Flexible design variations.

55 inch Curved Display
World Premiere
Coming Soon.

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