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Many exhibitors will present their latest products and technical information inside the exhibition halls.

FREE Venue: Inside the Exhibition Halls
(no pre-registration necessary.)

[ NOTE ]
You may not be able to attend a seminar when the room reaches its full capacity.
Please note that some seminar may not have interpretation.
※ Please note that programs are subject to change. Jan.22 [Fri]
AI Inspector - Image Processing System for FA


"AI Inspector" is an AI system that does not require specialists.
We will explain how to use AI in this seminar.

Date Jan. 22 [Fri] 11:00 ~ 12:00
Venue EX-3 (Inside of Hall B in Aomi Exhibition Halls)
Do not stop the production line! Fastest switching machine


Introducing the ultimate route switching system that prevents production line outages due to edge switch failures.

Date Jan. 22 [Fri] 13:40 ~ 14:40
Venue EX-3 (Inside of Hall B in Aomi Exhibition Halls)
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